Industrial Die Cutting Machines by U-Pack International Ltd

Industrial Die Cutting Machines - The world’s No1 selling Flatbed Roller Press just got even better.

Shear-line… the new generation in Industrial Die Cutting Machines and Roller Press Die Cutting Machines for business serious about saving money without compromising quality.

  • 60% Inhouse box savings
  • 400 sheets per hour
  • 50% faster sleeve change - process reduced to under 20 minutes.
  • 3 year parts warranty
  • Spares and New Mitsubishi touch screen colour HMI now includes safety circuit diagnostics, batch counting and many production control aids.
  • New food and medical Shear-line's in stainless steel.
  • Redesigned heavier duty press section, but with easy maintenance strip-down.

There are many reasons why the likes of Smith & Nephew, Coca Cola, Smurfit Kappa, Kodak and SCA choose Industrial Die-Cutting machines from U Pack.

That the Shear-line machine is designed to process all types of flexible and semi flexible materials perhaps?

There’s the fact that our Shear-line Die-Cutting machines come in seven different models. From 760mm to 3050mm max cutting width.

The change from three phase electric supply to single phase inverter technology which makes our Industrial Die Cutting Machines simple to install in developing markets?

Maybe our leading range of Frontier Automatic Die Cutting and CutMaster Rotary Die-Cutter machines.

In truth, of course, it’s a combination. The innovation, the quality, the support. The ongoing commitment to ensure that when it comes to Industrial Die Cutting Machines we’re always number one.

Less a question of whether we can help with Industrial Die Cutting Machines, more a question of how.

The company

The Company

The U-Pack group started as a single company in 1985 manufacturing its own unique design of roller press die-cutting machines known as Shear-Line, since then...



U-Pack believes strongly in Research and Development and has a constant program to improve the production capabilities and profitability of our customers processes...

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The 2015 Shear-Line. A roller press flatbed die-cutter ideal for new and established companies, designed to process all types of flexible...