Industrial Die Cutting Machines by U-Pack International Ltd

Industrial Die Cutting Machines – The world’s No1 selling Flatbed Roller Press just got even better.



Do you want to expand your business? Serious about saving money without compromising quality? Of course, yes!

U-Pack introduces the new Generation Industrial Die Cutting Machines and Roller Press Die Cutting Machines which has been carefully designed to suit all businesses irrespective of size or location.

Our Shear-line machines operate in around 30 different industries in 60 countries. They are used by world renowned companies such as Smith & Nephew for medical dressing’s production, Coca-Cola for specialized packaging, Smurfit Kappa and International Paper for corrugated box production, and ILC Dover for chemical protection products, British Aerospace die-cutting Kevlar aircraft wing components. These and thousands more choose Industrial Die-cutting Machines from U-Pack.

Shear-line machines have been designed to process most types of flexible and semi-flexible materials.

Shear-line machines come in seven different models ranging from 760mm to 3050mm max cutting width?

The conversion from a three-phase electric supply to a single-phase inverter technology make Shear-line machines simple and convenient to use even in developing markets.

Our leading range of Frontier Automatic Die-Cutting machines are now even better with the 2021 launch of the Frontier F22. The perfect sheet plant machine, F22 is compact, highly efficient and effective. Frontier’s have been around since 1995 and many of our customers from the 1990’s still run their Frontier every day.
U-Pack industrial die-cutting machines have the innovation, the quality, reliability and support.
We listen to our customers, serve them better and ensure their maximum satisfaction.