U-Pack was established in 1985, as a single British company producing its own unique and distinctive brand of Flatbed Roller Press Die-Cut machines. Ever since our inception we have sold 1000s of our products across over 60 different countries. And that’s to say, we have been around for over 30 years now. Our Shear-line (flatbed roller press die-cutter machine) has an outstanding and unique reputation in a variety of industry from plastic packaging, corrugated board packaging, shrink wrapping, medical supplies industry, felt and foam Die-Cutting, rubber sheet, gasket Die-Cutting, vacuum form trimming and blister pack just to name a few.

We pride ourselves on special customer care and quality. Our Shear-line (flatbed roller press die-cutter machines) has matured over the years and has become the number one selling flatbed roller press Die-Cutter machines because of its operational and reliability qualities provided by no other manufacturers.

See our developments over the years below


Shear-line Development (1986)

In 1986 U-Pack developed the Shear-line to be 50% faster than ordinary roller press machines.

Company growth (1988)

After the successful design of U-Packs Shear-line machine the company increased production with world wide orders.

Shear-line Automation (1989)

In 1989 U-Pack developed an additional model to the Shear-line family by integrating automated reciprocal action.

Further Development (1992)

In 1992 we developed and patented the World’s first reciprocal sinusoidal action gearbox.

T-Series & Frontier

We had another Worlds first, our T-Series fully automatic die-cutter development with its polypropylene soft anvil sleeve. The T-Series was later further improved and became the Frontier which is today operating in 22 countries.

Sleeve change

We designed a very quick sleeve change mechanism for the Frontier which could be carried out with minimum downtime.

Print technology

Some time later we looked at idea’s for a printer to put inline with the Frontier. After several months we had considered & rejected all the tradition methods of printing. Then through a chance conversation an idea had formed for a all new printing method. We went on to design the World’s 1st wide format – fixed head – full color – high speed Ink Jet Printer.

Other developments

  1. Miniature vacuum systems
  2. Specialist glue applicators
  3. Reciprocal guillotine
  4. Vacuum transfer mechanisms
  5. Waste material separation systems
  6. Software control program developments
  7. Specialized laminating machines
  8. High speed paper folding machines