Frontier Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Main Features


The Frontier offers a cost effective, Fully Automatic Die-Cutter solution for all types of work from corrugated boxes to pizza discs, Point of Sale display work to complex  multiple outs and trays.

Operational Features

Semi-skilled operator

Automated Die-Cut work is fully stripped, stacked and counted for ease of operation.
Change from Micro Flute to Double Wall quickly and easily.
Cut to print registration can easily be adjusted for individual specification.
No need for separate STRIPPING tools.
Waste board is automatically removed without employing additional labour.

Die-Form change takes less than 4 minutes. A single latch bolt locator at the front of the die-bed is removed for the Die-Form extraction and quick replacement.
Connection of vacuum lines to the die-form takes a couple of minutes and the machine is ready for the processing of the next job run.

Automatic Lubrication System

Maintainance dynamic

One of the advantages of the ONE SHOT Automatic Grease Central Lubrication System is that a considerable number of lubrication points can be supplied with precise metered quantities of lubricants according to bearing requirements. The Grease Pump is quite small as it has only one pressure line outlet. It is installed at a location that lends itself to the general appearance of the machine. The Hydraulic operation of the centralised lubrication system guarantees the function of the metering valves.


  • Convert micro flute to double wall.
  • Process up to 5000sqm of board per hour.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Multiple outs FULLY stripped with NO tagging.
  • An operator safe, friendly machine.
  • Large sheet Size 1.7m x 1.4m.
  • Larger sizes available.
  • Now faster, 2000 sheets per hour and still only one operator.
  • Ideal for complicated parts with 100% stripping requirements.
  • Highest quality die-cutting and creasing.

T-Series (Frontier 1st generation) – Reconditioned

Frontier demonstration video