Cutmaster Rotary Die Cutting Machine

New Design
Rotary Die-cutter

CutMaster is a Rotary Die-Cutter with a difference; die-forms are produced with straight edge knife, producing clean cut straight edges. CutMaster cuts with the accuracy of a flatbed die-cutter unlike traditional Rotary Die-Cutters.

CutMaster incorporates a polypropylene cutting anvil instead of a Polyurethane anvil as with all other rotary die-cutters; this enables CutMaster to die-cut ‘size for size’ board to die-forme with no elongation or contraction. Two major advances in die-cutting technology which have been developed and perfected over many years by U-Pack.

CutMaster cuts precisely to print register, producing top end quality die-cuts. CutMaster flexibility extend across the entire range of a box makers requirements making it the all round multi-purpose machine for today’s sheet converting industry.

Rotary Die-cutter
Machine type

CutMaster changes die-cutting for the 21st Century merging flatbed and rotary die-cutting technologies. The CutMaster delivers the quality of flatbed and the simplicity of rotary all in one machine at an affordable price.

The flagship Frontier Fully Automatic Flatbed Die-Cutter is perfect for complex parts with 100% stripping requirements. Highest quality die-cutting and creasing.

Shear-Line Semi Automatic Flatbed Die-Cutter is the No.1 selling flatbed Roller Press designed to process all types of corrugated board from micro flute to double wall and even tri-wall. Also plastics rubber, foams, leather and a wide variety of other flexible materials.

Control Panel

The CutMaster control panel is touch screen and easy visual operation.
Easy access to custom function to suit your manufacturing needs.
We wanted to integrate a control system that gave our customers more freedom in production and with this control panel it does just that. You are able to completely customize your speed, timings and operate all functions of the machine with this system.

The control panel is installed on a swing handle that has flexible positioning enabling the operator to adjust it conveniently.

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