We are your partner with the experience and expertise to help your die-cutting production succeed profitably.

Commissioning and Training

We provide training in operation, maintenance and health safety measures as well as commissioning on site to get you started.

Spare Parts

Spare parts delivered quickly to your location without delay.


Preserve the reliability and value of your machines with our original spare parts. Our spare parts are produced with highest quality materials.

For those who wants to go a step further and maximize their potential in productivity and competitiveness, our spare parts help your service performance and guarantee you maximum production stability and reliability.  U-Pack will help you operate as one of the most successfully producer in your area of specialization. With U-Pack, you are guaranteed the experience, the expertise, and the spare parts to keep you up and running.

So why not pre-empt your Die Cut Machine maintenance and servicing requirements to give you that consistent and steady flow of operation today? We can advise on appropriate levels of cutting anvil sleeves, suction cups, tubing, bolts, nuts and cutters for you to stock.

If it’s a question of Die Cut Machine Maintenance and Servicing, the answer, without doubt, is U-Pack International LTD.